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June 12, 2020
All members.
As you know the Squash Club has been closed since 20th March as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. During lockdown we have taken the opportunity to carry out some maintenance activity.
So far we have:
• cleaned all courts so they will be in pristine condition when we return
• installed additional hand sanitisers and hygiene signage
• replaced our hot water heater
• carried out extensive interior redecoration
Like you, we have been following news from England Squash as we move out of lockdown and at this point we do not have a date for re-opening. I am sure you appreciate that Squash Clubs and gyms need re-opening to be carefully managed due to the risk of spreading the virus. We will keep you posted on any news we receive leading to re-opening.
We would also like to re-assure members about our long term viability.  During lockdown we have been missing out on regular income of around £10-12k per month through court fees and bar sales and a significant portion of our stock is out of date.  We have donated crisps and nuts to local food banks before they go out of date but we still have bottled and keg beer that will be worthless. This loss of income has been partly offset by receipt of £25k small business grant, whilst heating and lighting costs have reduced significantly. The Club has been able to maintain staff wages at 100% due to the government’s Job Retention Scheme which currently provides 80% of staff wage costs
We remain optimistic for the future as it has been down to prudent financial management over a number of years which has ensured that we have sufficient reserve funds to meet this crisis.  We do however estimate that these resources will reduce by at least £50k in this financial year.
We look forward to seeing you all again soon and we ask for your patience, continued support and most of all your company once we re-open.
Stay safe.
TSRC Committee


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